Business Publications Corp., Des Moines
1932 –

Connie Wimer has been a mentor and a role model to many. Mostly self-taught in business, she has always been willing to share her hard earned knowledge with others.

Born in Merrill, Iowa in 1932, Wimer grew up in the small town of Allerton. After being valedictorian of her high school class she went to Morningside College in Sioux City for one year. Over the next twenty years she worked in offices where she held positions at various levels of responsibility, acquiring knowledge and skills that served her well in the years ahead.

Her first foray into business ownership came in 1976 when she acquired the failing Iowa Title Co. In 1981, Wimer acquired the Daily Record, a legal publication, and changed its name to the Business Record. Within a year a judge ruled that the Record would no longer be designated as the official newspaper for Polk County courts. The loss of this lucrative piece of business could have been a fatal blow, but it proved to be more like the nudge out of the nest that a baby bird gets. Wimer’s publication got wings. It went from a daily, single-sheet listing of court proceedings and legal data to a weekly business newspaper, with advertisement and subscriptions, and only local business news, no filler articles from a wire service. The new publication debuted in the fall of 1983. Not only did it succeed, it spawned a small publishing empire that now puts out six publications in addition to the weekly Record. In 1986 Wimer sold the Iowa Title Company but she continued to run it for another fourteen years, finally stepping down as president and CEO in December 2000. She continues to head Business Publications Corporation.

Despite the demands of her business, Wimer gives unselfishly to a multitude of community causes.